Bacteria Supplemented Their Diet to Clean Up After Deep Water Horizon Oil

The research — the first to use next generation sequencing technologies to dig into the detail of how the native beach microbes are metabolising the oil over time — could open the door to much more sophisticated clean up techniques. “Oil is a natural product, made of decayed plants and animals, and so is similar to the normal food sources for these bacteria.” explains Professor Kostka, a microbiologist from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. “But because oil is low in nutrients such as nitrogen, this can limit how fast the bacteria grow and how quickly they are raspberry able to break down the oil.

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HTC One Mini: ‘Diet’ done right Video

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Health Dept. says Oklahoma smoking rate declining

Cline said at least 6,000 Oklahoma residents die every year from tobacco-related illnesses. Statistics provided by the United Health Foundation show the state ranks high in the number of cancer and cardiovascular deaths, diseases Cline has said are linked to smoking. The state averages about 330 cardiovascular deaths per 100,000 residents 48th in the nation. Last year, the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline received approximately 34,000 calls from Oklahomans interested in quitting tobacco.

Kentucky Health Workers Pitch Obamacare At State Fair Alongside Corn Dogs, Fried Kool-Aid

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The specifics of the plans are still a mystery. Who knows how many young adults will sign up or how the Medicaid expansion might impact access to doctors. Its almost like painting a blank canvas, says Democratic state Rep. Jimmie Lee , a statehouse guru on Medicaid. Although McConnell, facing a primary challenger, has made his opposition plain and the tea party has vigorously opposed the law in court filings in the state, there has been little conservative uprising. John Kemper III , a co-founder of the United Kentucky Tea Party and a 2011 Republican nominee for state auditor, says he wants to wait and see what happens when the law is implemented. Most people dont really understand it yet, said Gov.

Indianapolis Healthy Living Examiner

August 20, 2013 Ask any fitness professional and you will be given an array of information as to why you should or should not stretch. Should I stretch before? Or after? How long should I stretch? Wait…There are different types of stretching… Surgeon General calls for action for the obesity epidemic August 14, 2013 Based on data found on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, the obesity epidemic in America continues to rise, with nearly a third of American adults and 17 percent of children and teens obese. That leaves over 78…

More Proof Healthy Living, Not Smoking Pay Off

BMI is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight. — Mary Elizabeth Dallas Copyright 2013 HealthDay.

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You can begin making side dishes such as cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole earlier in the week that can be refrigerated until the day of. Make a storage plan. Your oven will be crowded, as will your refrigerator.

$67M doled out to those aiding others navigate health care

Amid cattle health concerns, Merck halts Zilmax sales

California and Texas are the other two states. “We know that a lot of people prefer in-person help,” Sebelius said of the navigators, adding that the helpers will receive an initial 20 hours of training, as well as additional training throughout the year. “We know there’s a lot of work to be done, but we’ll be ready for whatever comes up,” she said. The grants come as the law’s supporters and opponents argue about its merits and potential impact. Organizing for Action, the non-profit political group backing President Obama, released a third advertisement to explain the law’s benefits, while Crossroads GPS, a political group created by Republican strategist Karl Rove, continues its media campaign criticizing the law.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Cargill will continue to buy cattle fed Optaflexx, he added. Major beef packers National Beef and JBS USA could not immediately be reached for comment. UNDER THE MICROSCOPE The use of Zilmax drew increased scrutiny after Tyson on August 7 said it would stop purchases of cattle fed the popular feed additive after some animals arrived at its packing plants having difficulty walking or moving. Tyson, the country’s biggest meat processor, said it does not know what was behind the animals’ behaviour, but company executives said that animal health experts have suggested that the use of Zilmax may be a cause. In response to Merck’s suspension of Zilmax, Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson said: “We appreciate Merck’s decision and will continue to monitor this issue. We’ll also continue to seek input from our Animal Well-Being Advisory Panel as well as other independent animal health and welfare experts.” MERCK DEFENDS PRODUCT Following Tyson’s decision to stop buying cattle fed with Zilmax, Merck defended its product. The drug company said in a statement on Friday that tests have proven that Zilmax is safe. Merck also said it was working with Tyson to resolve questions about the drug. Merck shares closed down 0.6 percent at $47.70 on Friday on the New York Stock Exchange. The halt of Zilmax sales may translate into a 1 percent drop in U.S.

HHS awards $67 million to help uninsured sign up for health coverage

States with the largest numbers of uninsured received significantly more funding than earlier projections. Florida received $7.8 million in grants, more than $2 million more than earlier forecasts. Texas group are receiving nearly $11 million, $2.7 million more than previous estimates. Other states that received larger grants were Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Obama: Government shutdown over health care ‘a bad idea’

9, 2013. (Photo: Charles Dharapak AP) Battle over funding of the health care law is expected next month. Oct. 1 is the deadline for establishing health care exchanges in all 50 states. SHARE 440 CONNECT 29 TWEET 133 COMMENTEMAILMORE WASHINGTON President Obama on Friday called a GOP effort to repeal his signature health care law an “ideological fixation” but stopped short of saying how he would react to Republican threats to shut down the government over the issue. The comments, which he delivered at a news conference where he touched on a broad range of issues, come ahead of what is expected to be a difficult budget battle with Congress and a possible government shutdown as Republicans again attempt to repeal Obama’s health care law by defunding it. The battle over funding will kick into high gear next month when Congress returns from recess and will have about four weeks to come to terms on a budget or face a government shutdown. The Obama administration is also facing an Oct.

Health app MyFitnessPal raises $18M from Kleiner Perkins, Accel in first round of outside funding

But, after years of going it alone, the company said on Sunday that it had raised $18 million from some of Silicon Valleys biggest investors. The Series A round was led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and included Accel Partners. As part of the deal, Kleiner Perkins John Doerr and Accels Andrew Braccia will join the companys board. Subscribe to Over the years, MyFitnessPal has built up loyal following among those trying to improve their fitness and lose weight with a free app that lets users input and track their daily calorie consumption and exercise . Despite the thousands of health and fitness apps available, including rivals Lose It! and MyNetDiary , MyFitnessPal consistently ranks among the top free apps on both iOS and Android platforms. In the last year, the company said its seen an increase of more than 1.5 million new users per month. With the new funding, co-founder Mike Lee said MyFitnessPal plans to invest in product development and growing its team of about 40 people. It also plans to push further into international markets earlier this summer, it launched new versions in Spanish, French, German and Portugese to help drive business in Europe and South America.

Health Briefs TV Announces Air Dates for Albany, NY

The compelling program which covers many in-depth topics will air on WRNN-TV New Yorks Regional News Network throughout the winter. The Health Briefs TV show host is Terry Bradshaw, a Hall of Fame quarterback from the Pittsburgh Steelers. His popularity began on the football field while leading the legendary team to four Super Bowl titles and picking up two Super Bowl MVP awards. Terry is just as popular now as he was then. From the locker room to the Board room, he has become a valuable commodity in Corporate America. He is a favorite motivational speaker and an often-requested celebrity for endorsing companies and their products. His well-known outgoing personality and credibility are key factors in his continuing celebrity. Throw in some cameo appearances in a few major motion pictures and close to a hundred appearances on the Jay Leno show, and the reason is clear why Terry Bradshaw is a great host and segment narrator for the program.

Food Allergies, Special Diets Continue as a Focus at Disney Parks

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Already well-known for being food-allergy-friendly, whether guests are allergic to diary, peanuts, gluten, or anything else, Walt Disney World is rolling out a first-of-its-kind Special Diets Kiosk at Disneys Animal Kingdom, its animal and conservation-minded theme park. The Gardens Special Diets Kiosk will serve as a resource for Disney guests to find options about in-park dining, discuss their allergies with Cast Members, and even purchase snacks and drinks, including beer, that are developed for special food allergies. The popular gluten-free/vegan bakery BabyCakes NYC , which already has an outpost at Floridas Downtown Disney, will also have treats on hand. Walt Disney Worlds culinary department has long prided itself on its hands-on approach to providing allergen-free food. In 2011, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts received the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) Corporate Leadership Award for its commitment to food allergy awareness, education, and management. That year the parks and resorts accommodated nearly half a million special dietary requests due to allergies to gluten, wheat, shellfish, soy, lactose, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or eggs. If you or a member of your traveling party have a food allergy, your first step is to make sure its noted when you make your Advanced Dining Reservation – as far out as 180 days and as close as 3 days from arrival.

Detox Diets: Myths and Facts

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Most of them imply a drastic change in your nutritional habits.But are the changes implied by detox diets really safe? And are they necessary?Weve gathered below a few arguments to help you decide what the best answer to these questions is: What many people who advocate detox diets seem to forget is thatyour body is already gifted with an immune system that can work just fine if you take care of it.

Dieting- Cravings Mission Control Tips

No matter how hard you want it, there are only a few chances that you will be able to loose ten pounds in a couple of days without gaining their back soon afterwards. If you stick to reasonable dieting objectives you are more likely to succeed and to avoid opting for highly restrictive diet menus. Always remember that the least varied your meal options are, the more easily you will be tempted to fall for pizzas and other delicious cravings that only sabotage your dieting objectives. Design a balanced diet plan. Make sure that you work with a nutrition or health expert to define a diet plan that is both tasty, well balanced and varied. It has to include plenty of vegetables and fruits, skimmed dairy products and meager protein sources. It should also allow you to indulge yourself in some no diet food from time to time. Manage your cravings. Emotional eating is one of the main factors while dieting people fail in their weight loss plans. Some people tend to over eat or opt for unhealthy meals when under stress or extremely sad. Start a food diary so that you can detect when you eat out of hunger and when you do it just because you are facing a situation you cannot handle properly or that it is too moving for you.